Overview and Venue for HPC Session (21K pdf)
      Summary slides from Petaflops Paper (AIAA-2007-4084) (581K pdf)
      Original slides from Petaflops Paper (AIAA-2007-4084) (15M pdf)
                  D. Mavriplis, University of Wyoming, Laramie WY, USA.
                  AIAA Session 160-FD-31: AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno NV, January 7-10, 2008.

Computational Engineering and Science in the NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Program (2M pdf)
                  J. Alonso, NASA Headquarters, Washington DC, USA.
                  AIAA Talk 2008-0710

CREATE Air Vehicles Overview (915K pdf)
                  C. Atwood, DOD HPCMP, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffet Field CA, USA.
                  AIAA Talk 2008-0711

High Performance Computing Serves Aerospace Engineering: Opportunities for Next Generation Product Development (10M pdf)
                  C. Rossow and N. Kroll, DLR, Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, Center for Computer Applications in Aerospace Science and Engineering, Braunschweig, GERMANY.
                  AIAA Talk 2008-0712

Aerospace Applications in JAXA's Supercomputer and Personal Perspectives of Next Generation Supercomputing in Japan (2.5M pdf)
                  Kozo Fujii, Yuichi Matsuo, Eiji Shima and Ryoji Ryoji; JEDI Center Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
                  AIAA Talk 2008-0713

Enabling Discovery and Innovation: Role of NSF/ OCI (1.1M pdf)
                  Abani Patra, Office of Cyberinfrastructure, National Science Foundation, Arlington VA, USA.
                  AIAA Talk 2008-0714

SciDAC: Transforming an HPC community (3.5M pdf)
                  David Keyes, Columbia University and ISCR, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA.
                  AIAA Talk 2008-0716