High Altitude CFD Laboratory

The University of Wyoming Campus, at 7220 feet above sea level, is the
highest altitude campus in the US.  (Its not the CFD, its our location)

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Lab Director:  
             Prof.  Dimitri Mavriplis

Postdoctoral Research Assistants:

             Cristian Nastase (Discontinuous Galerkin Multigrid Solvers)   (home page)
             Zhi Yang (Unsteady Aeroelastic Simulation Methods)             (home page)
             Karthik Mani (Unsteady adjoint methods)                                (home page)
             Markus Rumpfkeil (Hessian methods)                                      (home page)
             Wataru Yamazaki (Optimization and error estimation)             (home page)

Graduate Students (Ph.D Degree):
              Brian Lockwood (Research Topic: Adjoint Methods for Uncertainty Quantification) (home page)
              Nick Burgess (Research Topic: Discontinuous Galerkin Methods)  (home page)
              Bryan Flynt (Research Topic:  Adaptive Mesh Refinement)   (home page)
              Nathan Mundis (Research Topic: TBD)  (home page)

Graduate Students (Master Degree):
              None currently: Please apply if interested

Former Lab Members:
              Karthik Mani (PhD 2009, currently postdoc in group at UW)
              Li Wang (PhD 2009, currently at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)
Khosro Shahbazi (currently at Brown University)
              Wataru Yamazaki (Tohoku University, Sendai Japan, visited in 2006)
              Jing Liu (obtained MS in 2007)

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

             None currently: Please apply if interested



..........all in a parallel computing environment .........

          We use Linux Operating systems, Fortran 90 and C computer languages, and MPI for inter-processor communication.
           Knowledge of these languages and environments is essential for these projects.



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Come see the BRAIN of our operation:    96 CPU/core   AMD-Opteron   Cluster Computer
                                                                     Dual Processor/Dual Core Configuration
                                                                     Gigabit Ethernet Interconnect

Other Hardware:           3 X  2.8 GHz  Pentium 4   Dell  PC,   2 Gbyte RAM,  Red Hat Linux OS                        
                                       2 X  3.0 GHz  Pentium 4   Dell  PC,   1 Gbyte RAM,  Dual Boot (Linux/Windows XP) 
                                       The rest .... not worth mentioning....